Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

A Helping Hand For People With Hypertension

Normalizing your blood pressure does not occur overnight, but it can be done over time. With the help of health professionals and people around you, you can make choices that will help you succeed and possibly live longer and healthier.

Health professionals, friends and family members are all very good resources. A family doctor should encourage changes in lifestyle wise and may prescribe one or more medications to help take care of hypertension. Pharmacists are here to discuss your condition and can suggest ways to take care of, especially if made do not forget to take your medicine every day is a problem.

In community groups such as the heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada offers community events and support groups for people with hypertension.

Your doctor

Since your doctor is probably the person who detected hypertension, it is important that you work together to effectively manage. By knowing your medical history and the medications you are currently taking, a family physician is well positioned to provide expert advice on the treatment of hypertension and make suggestions to help to reduce over time.

Your doctor can tell you about new treatments in the field of hypertension and suggest ways to integrate your medications to your daily life. For example, people who take more than one medication may be interested in changing to a combination medication that combines these treatments in a single pill. Benefits include greater convenience and an opportunity to save on the cost of dispensing.

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