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What Is Hypertension

What is Hypertension? Hypertension is usually the result of increased resistance at small vessels. In 10% of cases, the cause is organic: decreased aortic elasticity, disorder of kidney function, impaired hormonal glands.

In 90% of cases the cause is unknown.

What are the contributing factors?

There currently that hypertension is a "disease of civilization." It is the first indirect cause of mortality in developed countries. Various factors appear to favor its appearance /
* The great emotions and psychological stress;
* Ingestion of large amounts of salt
* Hereditary factors and racial groups.

Blood pressure and age!

It is well known that hypertension develops with age:
* 15 to 45 years the maximum voltage is 12 and the minimum voltage 8.
* From 46 to 60 years, maximum voltage 14 , minimum voltage 9.
* Over 60 years, maximum voltage: 10 + Age (years): 10. NB: At one point, the voltage drops during sleep can pass a maximum of 14 during the day , to a maximum of 7 to 8 during sleep.

What are the symptoms of Hypertension?

In most cases hypertension shows no signs may alert the patient. However, some symptoms are suggestive of hypertension.

* Visual disturbances: floaters, mist before his eyes ...
* Headaches in the morning on the top or back of the head plus dizziness.
* bleeding nose.
* A frequent urination (urge frequent urination).
* Trouble breathing resulting in left ventricular failure (dyspnea).
* Muscle cramps.
* Dizziness (sudden malaise, sometimes accompanied by a transient loss of consciousness).
* Some tinnitus.
* occasional pain in the left shoulder and the left side of the chest.
* Violent heart beat and shortness of breath during exercise undemanding.
* Fatigue recurring.

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